Orphan Sponsorship

Orphan Sponsorship

We can change the lives of those who have no hope!

Today there are millions of orphans around the world; they are among the most vulnerable in society as they do not have the same opportunities as other children. They are often forced into child labour in order to survive and miss out on a normal childhood. Needy orphans are usually deprived of food, clothing, sufficient healthcare and a good education.

Novo Jibon (New Life Charity) believes that every child and especially the orphan, has the right to be clothed, nourished, live a healthy and secure life and have access to good schooling and education.

When a family loses the first line of support, the father, or in worst cases both parents, not only do they have to cope with the tragedy of losing someone very dear, but also the loss of a regular source of income, which provided them the basic requirements in life.

Child sponsorship

In Bangladesh, Novo Jibon has been able to build two Orphanages from scratch to accommodate children in desperate need. Currently, 144 orphans are living in these Orphanages and presently in receipt of proper clothing, books for their schools, proper meals and provided with free transportation to and from their learning centres.

These orphanages cater for all the basic needs of the orphans and provide a caring and loving environment for them to grow up healthy and happy.