Eyesight Restoration

Eyesight Restoration

Night blindness, refractive error, childhood cataract and low vision are some of the most common eye problems of school-going children.

According to the Childhood Study 2001-2003 conducted by the International Center for Eye Health, London, approximately 40,000 blind children live in Bangladesh.

Of these, one third (13,000) are due to cataract and are therefore surgically treatable. A further one third (13,000) could have been prevented through public health intervention such as immunisation, vitamin A supplementation, nutrition, promotion of breast-feeding at an early stage. Therefore, early detection of eye problems plays a vital role in prevention of childhood blindness as well as other eye problems.

Eye care projects help to identify the vision problems of these school going children so that the necessary steps are taken for vision correction and eye sight restoration as early as possible.

Eyesight Restoration

Eyesight Tests

Through this project, eyesight screening is conducted for all Primary school pupils in the area by a professional eye care team. Based on the findings of the screening programme, glasses/spectacles are distributed among the refractive error children.

It is expected that this intervention will contribute to reduce preventable blindness of these school-going children as well as increase the vision power at optimal level of the children. This will help them to read and write properly.