Food Parcels

Food Parcels

Good Food Good Life

In Bangladesh, natural calamities like tidal surges, river erosion, tornadoes and flooding are a common phenomenon. As a result, many lives are lost and many houses, educational institutions, crops and livestock are destroyed. These calamities have a negative impact on social development in these areas.

Due to the frequency of these natural calamities, the economic condition of people has suffered immensely as they do not have adequate job opportunities or scope of income generating activities. For this reason, they cannot meet their or their families basic needs. Especially orphans and their guardians.

Many survive on one basic meal a day if they are lucky. As a result, they are suffering from malnutrition and other nutritional deficiencies. This situation needs to be improved without further delay.

Considering these situations, Novo Jibon provides Food Parcels to the most needy families to reduce malnutrition and improve their health.