Novo Jibon Institute

Illiteracy is considered one of the major causes of poverty in Bangladesh and many other deprived countries.

Bangladesh’s population is more than 156 million and most of children have no access to any kind of education.



Novo Jibon, over the years, has designed an educational and training program tailored for the requirements of the needy known as “Education, Training, Advice and Family Income Generating Programme”. Novo Jibon is considered a pioneer in the field of educating the needy and training them to discover their strengths and improve their skills.

Our school in Satkhira District now has over 700 students attending. Furthermore, we have just completed building a six-story vocational training facility to provide skills training for the local community.

The school was built in 2003 with extreme financial sacrifice from some trustees and friends. It has 5 floors with 43 rooms including 2 prayer rooms, library, auditorium and a floor for computer classes and has four toilets and a shower on each floor. This is one of the best buildings in the town with large well ventilated classrooms. The total cost of this building was £85,000

The educational program includes: the Bangladeshi National Curriculum, English Language, Arabic and Islamic Studies and pupils are accepted from nursery up to the end of Primary education then to the Secondary school level.

The building is ideally located and its accommodation is more than adequate to have more than one thousand students in each session. On top of this, the school has the potential to run computer training classes, adult education and vocational training programmes.

Education is the answer to dealing with many of the challenges faced by the impoverished – illiteracy being one of the most challenging among them.

We aim to give the deprived younger generations a brighter future and offer them an opportunity to support themselves in the future. Novo Jibon believes that if we do not focus on education and training in the rural areas and villages, then poverty will be inherited from parents to children and passed on to future generations.

We also sponsor a number of village schools (shacks and temporary sheds) all of them need to be refurbished with waterproof shelters and other basic equipment.