Qurbani 2017

Qurbani 2018

In 2017, Novo Jibon carried out 609 Qurbanis which were distributed to over 30,000 Rohingya families and needy Bangladeshis.

Your Qurbani was given to some of the poorest people in the Bangladesh and some of the most neglected people on earth, our Rohingya brothers and sisters.

Although Qurbani was cheaper in some other countries, it is more rewarding where there is a greater need.

The Prophet (saw) said: “It is the sunnah of your father Ibrahim (as). For every hair of the Qurbani you receive a reward from Allah (swt).” [Tirmidhi]

Remember the forgotten this Eid! Donate and bring some happiness to the Rohingya Refugees.

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To help the Rohingya, please print our A5 Qurbani 2018 Leaflet and Donation Form and distribute it to as many as possible.

You can download it Here