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 Over the years we discovered that this concept of Income Generating program was a successful idea to fight poverty and as a result of such schemes implemented by Novo Jibon and funded by generous donors like yourself, many families now relying on themselves, but millions are waiting to improve their lives and to give hope to their children for a better life. Please choose from the following list a project that you can support:

SNProject title/name Cost (3) 
 1 Milking Goat 100.00
 2 Rickshaw van 200.00
 3 Sewing Machine 100.00
 4 Chicken Farm 100+ depends on the number of chicks provided
 5 Retail Shop 900.00
 6 Bike repair shop 380.00

 This method is entirely grounded on a very simple and valuable fact that is “to teach people the fine art of helping themselves means opening the gateway of hope for them to grow and prosper”. It is an undeniable reality that such projects have instant and incredible benefits.



The Idea is to lend a small amount of money to the poor who in turn invests that money in one of the projects which are known to generate a fairly good income.


Using the generated income,the poor can support themselves, their families and at the same time would be able to pay back a small amount of money towards their loan.

In order to widen the targeted category of people who can benefit from the project, and to make it more practical for donors to support them, New Life Charity have come up with a list of projects that vary in terms of the capital to be invested. This list of projects is updated every six months to insure validity of information and that the ultimate benefit can be obtained from such projects for both the donor and the receiver.

These projects start at as little as £100 for a sewing machine. Milking Goat project costs £285 and has so many advantages; drinking the milk as a source of nourishment, selling some of it to cover daily life expenses and pay back for the loan. Undoubtedly, goats’ meat is a very good provisions whenever needed.

By giving them this opportunity, people will be able to gain confidence in themselves and will acquire the sense of contributing positively and constructively to reducing the ill effects of poverty on their society.  In other words, the highly positive outcomes of such projects are very encouraging and go even beyond our own imagination.

List of the income Generating programmes that we currently run:






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