Novo Jibon

Who is New Life Charity?

Novo Jibon, also known as New Life Charity, is a UK registered charity – UK Registration No. 1081528 based in London and also has an office in Bangladesh.

Since its establishment in 1998, Novo Jibon has been tirelessly working to lessen the suffering among the poorest and the most desperate people and communities mainly in Bangladesh but also in other deprived countries.

Novo Jibon currently undertakes a variety of humanitarian projects including improvement and training programmes, orphan care, income generation projects, and provision of clean drinking water and health care but our focus is mainly on education, as our slogan states “By Fighting illiteracy we tackle poverty”.

With your incredible support, Novo Jibon has been able to provide urgent relief to victims of natural disasters throughout a wide variety of charitable means such as food parcel distribution programmes, providing health facilities, clothing and shelter.

We still need to do a lot more and your help is vital to tackle poverty and improve the lives of so many needy people.

Novo Jibon’s main objective is to support the needy in order to build their own capacity and become entirely dependent upon themselves and this assimilates mainly in income generation and micro credit projects.

Why Bangladesh?


Emergency Relief

Bangladesh is considered to have one of the highest population densities in the world (around 156 millions); more than 100 million are currently living below poverty line. The country is frequently at risk of seasonally floods and cyclones which demolish agriculture, dwelling homes and have devastating effects on health and economy.

Illiteracy is also one of the main causes of poverty; around 77% of the population cannot read or write. In the rural areas over 85% of the youth are in desperate need of education, therefore fighting illiteracy should be a priority to tackle poverty in the future.

New Life recognizes the reality that deprived people in Bangladesh are looking for a real opportunity to stand on their feet, re-gain their rightful place in society and eventually change their lives for better. Therefore, it is New Life’s belief and policy that they have every right to be provided with that opportunity.