Our Vision

Our Vision

Novo Jibon aspires to a fairer society where peace, justice, love and dignity prevail.

Our Mission

Novo Jibon aims to positively change society by using its alternative income source and awareness programmes.

Our Objectives

  • To reduce gender discrimination and to establish human rights
  • To improve the health and nutritional condition of target groups, particularly women and children
  • To prevent HIV/AIDS through creating awareness among beneficiaries
  • To improve sanitary conditions in the project area through installation of water seal latrines
  • To reduce mortality and morbidity rates of water borne diseases through the supply of safe water
  • To increase food production in the project area through community based irrigation projects
  • To increase knowledge and skills of orphan children through livelihood activities
  • To improve the economic condition of the beneficiaries through income generation activities
  • To increase literacy rates in the project area through the establishment of formal and non-formal schools
  • To enhance the capacity and skills of the beneficiaries to cope with disasters and climate change
  • To develop a competent workforce through technical and vocational training programmes
  • To create public awareness regarding women and child trafficking in the project areas
  • To create awareness among the young and adolescents about the terrible impact of drugs
  • To prevent violence against women in communities through creating awareness